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Your home, your business, your commercial property. Whatever building is under your protection, you’ll know the severity of the summer months in Toronto and the GTA. The height of summer will leave sidewalks steaming and BBQs sizzling, but they’ll also create an uncomfortable atmosphere in buildings that lack a proper air conditioning unit.

Our team at QuickFast are on hand to provide you with the best possible air conditioner installation after we’ve decided what course of action will suit your property size, your budget and your specific needs. Providing installations across Toronto and the GTA for years, we’ve become a leading company for air conditioning, heating and more for our commercial and domestic customers.

When you choose our service, you’ll be visited by one of our esteemed air conditioning experts to survey your space and the needs of your building. If you’re wondering what kind of air conditioner installation could be ideal for your property, we’ve listed a rough guide below:

  • Domestic home: If you’ve got a detached or semi-detached home then the chances are you’ll have a whole family to take care all year round. That means finding an air conditioner unit that can keep your living room and bedrooms cool by offering fresh air consistently throughout the day. You’ll want something discreet but also powerful to cope with the demands of the Canadian summer.
  • Domestic apartment: Slightly different from the needs of a home, you’ll have the chance to install an air conditioner unit where you need it most. Space is usually tight in an apartment, but our team will find the ideal solutions with our vast array of air conditioning products.
  • Commercial store: When customers visit your shop, you don’t want to turn them off with a stuffy and humid shop floor. You want to be able to welcome them into a completely fresh and cool area, no matter what the weather is. Our commercial air conditioner installations will work around your exact needs to provide you with a sleek and attractive feature in your store.
  • Commercial warehouse or storage unit: For bigger operations in Toronto and the GTA there is a greater dependence on a whole air conditioner system working in tandem with one another. Many warehouses and storage need to keep a standard temperature that falls in line with the condition of products. If you need an air conditioner installedfor your commercial property, we’re the ideal team to choose.

On top of our air conditioner installations in Toronto and further afield, we also provide an array of services that can help to improve the efficiency or enhance your experience. Home automation to help you control your air conditioning from wherever you are, electrical advice that will aid your whole air conditioning setup and duct cleaning to ensure your whole system is in working order.

At QuickFast we’ve got the experience and commitment to provide your property with the most applicable air conditioner installation possible.

We install central air systems, dustless systems, attic air conditioners, cooling coils & much more! Ask us for the product you’re looking for.

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